CV Day 116

By: ArtisanX

Apr 26 2011

Category: 365, photos

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Focal Length:44mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Hackey Sack

Sachs Covered Bridge is located in Gettysburg and is a hike from the new visitors center, or you can actually find it via an access road. Built in 1854, Sachs Covered Bridge spans Marsh Creek. The bridge,  was rebuilt after a devastating storm in 1996, and is 100′ long, and is located not far behind the right flank of the Confederate artillery line which participated in the pre-charge barrage of July 3, 1863. Portions of the Confederate Army used the bridge to cross Marsh Creek during the July 3rd and July 4th withdrawal from Gettysburg.  The Bridge is a favorite spot for ghost hunters,late nighters,re-enactors and those who like to fish. It is off park service property and is open all night.

Of the photos I took, I really liked this, especially because of the shadow on the side. The color of the bridge really stands out because of the bright sun and with the green backdrop of the evergreens. April 26, 2011

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