CV Day 17

By: ArtisanX

Jan 17 2011

Category: 365, photos


Focal Length:75mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Safe Landing

Carroll Valley has a unique trail system through the neighborhoods and each section has a unique theme.  We happen to reside in the bird section.  And, whether its a result of the name or not, we happen to be frequented by a large number and variety of them.  It only makes sense that there are a number of prefab homes that sprout up over the area.

I liked this shot, although I was hoping to pull the focus a little sharper on the tree in the background (about 100 feet behind the bird house)  The amber glow on the side is a result of the street light above coming on just at the start of dusk.

Jan 17, 2011


2 comments on “CV Day 17”

  1. I like the tree out of focus. It helps direct the eye to the bird house.

  2. Maybe if you tried a higher f-stop, it might make it a little clearer.

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