CV Day 11

By: ArtisanX

Jan 11 2011

Category: 365, photos

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Winter Trail

One of the best things about the Valley are the many different trails that run through the neighborhoods.  On Snow days some trails can go for awhile without being plowed (although I do admit that they are very good at clearing them in time for the busses).  But with the hills and inclines any number of them can serve as a great sled hill (as long as some one is watching at the intersections)

This shot was a difficult one for me as I am not even sure if I got it the way I think I could have.  The main light source is a overhead street light right above me, and then off in the distance is another.  In between, darkness.  The white streaks are that of the snow falling, with tracks from a car lining the trail.  The speed sign captures the glare of the street light at a pretty neat angle.  I did have another shot where the sign almost looks like a ghostly image but the rest of the shot was too dark.

Tips, suggestions on settings, would be greatly appreciated. (Jan 11, 11)


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